Strategy Games


Take the job of CEO and manage workers to maximize profits.

Master Checkers

Play a challenging game of checkers against the AI or another player.

Clash of Vikings

Go to battle against enemy viking clans.

Arcade Games

Flip Knife

Flip the knife and try not to land it on the hilt. Collect coins and points to upgrade your knife.

Snakes 3D

Move your snake around and eat food to grow.

Cube Slam

Play a pong style game against a friend or a computer bear.

Puzzles Games

Empire of Gold

Search for hidden objects in the jungle to find the Empire of Gold.

Cookie Jam

Cookie Jam is a strategy based match 3 game. Find matches for the cookies on each level. Design each of your step carefu...

Paper Battle

Battle against other players online. Create paper squares and fill sections as large as you can.

MMO Games